About South Dakota VOAD


What is South Dakota VOAD?

South Dakota VOAD  is a network of agencies working together to foster efficient delivery of resources to people affected by disasters.  The role is to support its members efforts by providing a forum to facilitate Coordination, Communication, Cooperation & Collaboration.

COORDINATION: Coordinates policy among member organizations, serves as the state liaison, advocate & voice to the National VOAD & supports the disaster response efforts of federal, state & local agencies & government.


COMMUNICATION: Encourages participation of agencies throughout the state, the formation of Regional VOADs, gives guidance to state & regional volunteer organizations active in disaster response & supports appropriate legislation. 


COOPERATION: Meets South Dakota’s relief & recovery needs within a cooperative framework.


COLLABORATION: Provides training to members to increase awareness & preparedness for each organization.



Attached below are the list of the declared and undeclared disasters that South Dakota Voad Members have responded to. 




Declared Disasters40 KB
Undeclared Disasters43.5 KB